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Celtyx Performance Protection

BacqSaver 'PRO' Saddle Half Pad

BacqSaver 'PRO' Saddle Half Pad

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The Celtyx BacqSAVER Saddle pad is unique in it developement to redirect, deflect and reduce risk of trauma from impact energies. Science supported, lab and field test prove that Celtyx BacqSAVER increases protection for the horse, and comfort for the rider, as it delivers extraordinary impact absorption.

Custom made in North America using planet-friendly, recyled textile, and natural organic materials.

Material: The outer shell is regionally sourced natural leather, tanned in traditional methods complimentary to the environment, using no harsh chemicals or harmful synthetic processing.

Inner protection comprised of 100% FEAM Technology, a radical and innovative textile using a patented manufacturing process creating an exceptional alternative to foams or gels. 

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