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Colarado Natural Balms

Leather Balm

Leather Balm

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2oz Colorado Leather Balm Orange Vanilla Scent

Colorado Leather Balm is an all natural, traditionally made leather conditioning balm. In the leather care industry there is no regulation for leather care products to list ingredients, so most leather conditioners do not, instead having warnings on their labels to call poison control if ingested, to keep off of skin, and away from pets and children. (yikes!) In contrast, Colorado Leather Balm proudly lists our all natural ingredients which are both wonderful for use on your leather, but also beneficial for your skin and safe for use around children and animals. Colorado Leather Balm works well to condition and naturally waterproof all of your valuable leather items, including boots and shoes, saddlery and tack, handbags, belts, holsters, baseball gloves, leather clothing, leather luggage or upholstery. 2oz Original Formula comes in one scent: Orange-Vanilla - a pleasant, light smelling scent that's a good fit on any leather item.

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