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Dalia MacPhee

Equisafe Fire Evacuation Horse Blanket

Equisafe Fire Evacuation Horse Blanket

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The world's first fully fire retardant, “trackable”, with built in GPS, equestrian safety blanket.

• Fully Fire Retardant: ( including straps, lining and trim) Will not burn, can withstand temperatures up to 700 degree FH.
Reflective visibility strips and bright orange color easy to find
• Certified UL

• Certified SGS ( SGS is a leader in the fire testing industry)

• Certified SFI Level 5 International HUMAN standards for heat and flame protective wear.
• Eco Friendly (Okeo-Tex 100 Certified)
• GPS Tracker : Start tracking the moment the blanket is put on your horse. Tracker ( secured

inside blanket) comes preloaded with a Sim card good for 300 text messages, more than
enough in case of an emergency. Call the EQUITRACKER tracker and get instant google

maps updates of your horse's exact location, and even how fast he is traveling.

The Equisafe blanket is meant to be used as a last resort emergency, evacuation covering ONLY. It’s not to be used as an everyday blanket. It should be stored in a cool, dry area. In the event of a wildfire, it may help protect the horse from falling embers or heat related burns when he’s outside or being led to the safety of a trailer or car , or to wear in the trailer to prevent possible burns or flammability that can happen while evacuating. In the worst case scenario, when evacuation isn’t possible, it can be worn if the horse has to be turned loose, where proper use of the 4G GPS may greatly increase the chances of location.

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